Why Press Forward.

A brand for all of us. Now.

A few years ago I shared time with one of the best branding agency's on the planet and I went through their $25,000 branding exercise. The goal was to boil my story and life down to two words that represent the resilience, the connection, and the perseverance of this life I built and to inspire others to move forward together.

​I got busy with building and launching a software company that would raise $100M investment while another company that I helped launch would go public on a stock exchange.

​Now here we are in 2021. The world has experienced curveball after curveball. Pandemic, racial transitions, and we are all hypercharged with uncertainty in some way.

Never before have we ever needed more positive brands to show up.

Press Forward.  

*A portion of each purchase is donated to men's mental health awareness, men in crisis, and veteran's in transition programs.

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