Time to Calm the Fuck Down

An online course

Are you ready to calm the fuck down?

The first time one of my mentors said that to me it was almost painful.

Nobody likes to be told to calm the fuck down. I promise I'm saying it from a place of intention and love.

Because when you do everything will change.

You will get better.

You will get bigger.

You will finally step up and make the impact you were meant to make.




In this course, I have compiled tricks, tools, and techniques that I have had to learn, sometimes even the hard way. I have compiled a lot of them into this course to make you a force against any obstacle that tries to stop you. I have combined my leadership training from the Marine Corps, 10 years of start-up scrappiness, and 12 years of entrepreneurship to get you to toughen up, dig in, and press forward.

You’ll learn how to overcome fears and failures. You’ll be given proven strategies to get through hopeless circumstances. And you’ll find out how to maintain your enthusiasm for your goals – despite adversity – until you achieve what you set out to do.

At the end of the course, you get to put your lessons to work on your own challenges as you write your own success story – a detailed vision of you in the future, living the life you fucking deserve. Plus I want you to send me your results and want to talk to you about the outcome you want so I can support it.

Shoot me a DM on social media so I know you started the course @iamnealconlon

Every module contains lessons + action tips to help you learn and use these valuable strategies.

Change happens with action. Go through all of the course material, and more importantly, try the techniques. Nothing happens until you take action!

Each lesson within the modules contains downloadable Additional Resources.

It's go time. Let's press forward together.


Meet your new mentor:

Neal Conlon.

I'm a man who has lived a lifetime of life experiences that I want to share and contribute with others who are open and seek to learn and accelerate their personal development.

I support men to rise up and show up for themselves by supporting them as they overcome personal and professional challenges. I bring a perspective and a set of skills that have been developed over decades as a US Marine veteran, entrepreneur, growth marketer, investor, parent, and partner.

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