As a kid who grew up without a father-figure, often feeling like I missed out on having someone to look up to, someone to teach me "how to man up", someone to guide me, and someone to give me a shot.

I tried for years to make life "work" and it always felt like there was something missing. I could not find it in my jobs, I could not find it in success, I couldn't find it in relationships, sex, or alcohol.

I played it safe for years and blamed others for my challenges. I bottled up my emotions and told the world I was fine. I thought if I just pleased everyone else, I'd be happy. I saw vulnerability and surrender as weaknesses. I masked my wounds with ego and over the top confidence. I leaned into unhealthy competition and a need to have control. It often blew up in my face and the cycle would repeat in the next job, relationship, focus. I was empty.

After several mini breakdowns, I had a massive breakthrough and I accepted responsibility for myself. I did the work and put in the time and reset myself and my path. I built strong unified relationships with like-minded humans who support each others' strengths and weaknesses without conflict.

I felt called to show up as the best version of a man that I can be and to practice self-mastery. To be kind and be gentle, to embrace my breath and to serve others and to serve myself with aligned values and beliefs.

This has become my driving force to give back to others because I understand what it is like to feel the isolation. With powerful practices, skillful guidance, and a deep brotherhood, my purpose is to move people out of old paradigms and into being fully integrated and empowered people.

I do have a passion for coaching men who need support in today's world, women who want to be pushed to the next level, and all-around badasses who are ready to shift their lives to get everything they ever wanted in life.


I'm a man who has lived a lifetime of life experiences that I want to share and contribute with men who are open and seek to learn and accelerate their personal development. I seek men with like minded views.

I support men to rise up and show up for themselves by supporting them as they overcome personal and professional challenges. I bring a perspective and a set of skills that have been developed over decades as an US Marine veteran, entrepreneur, growth marketer, investor, parent, and partner.

I coach with intention and focus on practical, tangible, and masculine results.



I am excited to be supporting men through a variety of offerings, including:

  • Writing a publishing a weekly newsletter of masculinity missions, challenges, and calls to support each other to show up as integrated men
  • 1:1 coaching to enable men to show up and create profitable businesses
  • Build a global community of men with similar values and beliefs
  • Men's destination events in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Europe, Asia, and the United States
  • Be at the helm of a digital online community of men

Personally, I continue to strive to be the best man I can be as a partner, parent, coach, and entrepreneur.


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